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Hi guys, Franklin Cruz here – REI Drill Sergeant here…

I want to talk to you today about something awesome – that you might be missing out on – The Clever Labs.

The Clever Labs is an effective real estate investing event held by Clever Investor. And, as you probably know, Clever Investor provides marketing for their students and holds a groundbreaking conference where mentors walk their students through live deals!
Just look at how much we are excited from this photo of the winning team from the last event.

Why were they the winning team?

This team picture showed who made the most calls, who sent out the most contracts and who made the most progress on closing their deals… and as you can see, they are excited!

Winners: Carol Murphy, Michael Murphy, Gina Tucker, Frederic Blaine, Maureen Blaine, Peter Potenziani, Shane Somerville and Asa Mayo

The Clever Labs was a vision of Cody Sperber, a fantastic guy and the owner of Clever Investor. As the Director of Mentorship for Clever Investor, I (Franklin Cruz) see, personally, how much the Clever Labs affect our students and how much they really get out of it. The Clever Labs is something special and it’s something different. The entire Clever Investor community has transformed this event into a true money maker for everyone.


Well, if you want to do live investing deals side-by-side with the experts every step of the way, that’s why!

What if you don’t know how to fill out or send contracts?

That’s perfect! We do them together and make it simple!

What if you don’t know anyone in that area?

That’s okay! Clever Investor has an entire rolodex of people to get you in contact with and we have the friendliest community in the world.

How do you get into the Clever Labs?

By simply becoming a part of our mentorship program! It’s really that easy!

This is an opportunity to get out of your shell and do live deals with real experts in the industry right now! This is your chance to say, “I can do this, and I will do this for myself!”

The easiest way to go from “Point A to Point B” is to take action. Get with a group of people who are excited about doing something new alongside industry gurus who really want to help…

If this powerful event is something that you or someone you know might benefit from, please spread the wealth and share this post.


P.S. Got a Mentor?

Got a questions about Clever Labs or our mentoring programs? Talk to me in the comments section below.